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This site provides detailed information on the sand dunes of the Sefton coast in North West England
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Coastal Change
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  Physical Forces
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Future Change
Managing Change
Primary Succession
Model of Succession
The Strand Line
Embryo Dunes
Mobile Dunes
Blow Outs
Semi-fixed Dunes
Fixed Dunes
Dune Slacks
Dune Heath
Vegetation/Soil Data
Studying Succession
Pine Plantations
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Model of Dry Dune Succession
Strand line Embryo Dunes Mobile Dunes Blow Out Semi Fixed Dunes Dune Slack Fixed Dunes Dune Heath Scrub Woodland Succession
For more information click on one of the shaded areas
with a blue border.

Note that the arrows indicate either movement of sediment or development of the vegetation. In some places there are pine plantations which alter this pattern.



For more information about this project email at Liverpool Hope University.
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Liverpool Hope University worked with English Nature and the
Sefton Coast Partnership to implement the Sands of Time project.